Short bio


Cristóbal Jesús Nettle Vacher is a enrolled student in the PhD program in Electronic Engineering at Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, under the supervision of María-José Escobar. Cristóbal is currently also Vice-President at Centro de Innovación y Robótica, a NGO devoted to impulse and promote robotics in areas such as research, industry applications and education. His main research interests include cognitive and developmental robotics, bio-inspired artificial intelligence and computational neuroscience.

Cristóbal graduated in September 2016 as both, Professional Electronic Engineer and M.Sc. in Electronic Engineering at UTFSM. His master thesis consisted on analyzing exploration-exploitation regulations on mammals brains, specifically a dopamine based effect on cortico-basal ganglia interactions, for enhancing decision-making on artificial intelligence as part of a mobile robot controller. That work was made under a Chilean-French collaboration with the CNR neuroscientist Arthur Leblois.

Cristóbal has also been a member of Innovación y Robótica Estudiantil during almost all its years at UTFSM, where he has participated in several projects, highlighting the development of a Small Size RoboCup team. From 2017, Cristóbal contributes as a part of the organizing committee of the Congress on Robotics and Neuroscience (CRONE).

In case of looking for collaboration or partnership, do not hesitate on contacting me by EMail.