Conference articles

Cristobal J Nettle, Maria-Jose Escobar, and Arthur Leblois. Tonic dopamine effects in a bio-inspired robot controller enhance expected lifetime. In Development and Learning and Epigenetic Robotics (ICDL-EpiRob), 2016 Joint IEEE International Conference on, pages 230--237. IEEE, 2016. [ bib ]

Patricio Navarrete, Cristóbal J Nettle, Constanza Oliva, and Miguel A Solis. Fostering science and technology interest in chilean children with educational robot kits. In Robotics Symposium and IV Brazilian Robotics Symposium (LARS/SBR), 2016 XIII Latin American, pages 121--126. IEEE, 2016. [ bib ]

Gabriel A Ahumada, Cristobal J Nettle, and Miguel A Solis. Accelerating q-learning through kalman filter estimations applied in a robocup ssl simulation. In Robotics Symposium and Competition (LARS/LARC), 2013 Latin American, pages 112--117. IEEE, 2013. [ bib ]

Master thesis

Cristóbal J Nettle. Mecanismo de toma de decisiones bioinspirado aplicado como controlador de un agente autnónomo. Master's thesis, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, 2016. [ bib | pdf ]

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